London 2012 Olympics

I can't believe it's 4 years since the London 2012 Olympic Games. It was a big deal for London and me with my proximity to the Olympic site here in Victoria Park East London.  I went to see the opening ceremony with friends on the large screens in Victoria Park with the Olympic Stadium visable in the distance. A memorable evening. I did some sketches of the televised events over the period of the games whilst on the sofa. (Between Jobs) I was interested in how the outfits defined the particular sport and the environments reflected in the headgear.
 I never did anything with the sketches, so I thought I'd share them here. Another unfinished project.


Adidas D Rose Jump Store - Wins 5 golds at Creative Circle 2014

At the Creative Circle Awards 2014 the Adidas D Rose Jump Store won 5 golds, one of which was Gold of Golds for the Best Campaign of 2013. 

5 Golds;

Best Art Direction

Best Event Led Campaign

Best Branded Environment

Best Event / Product Launch


Best Creative of 2013

The Jump Store was the concept of Nick and Steve Tidball. I was responsible for the design of the store, print and 3D Visualisation.

Here's a 3D printed model of the Jump Store printed @shapeways in nylon. 

See the film of the event and more of the work here

Store Design – Case study film

The gaming stars as seen on screen, in-store and online.

Just back from Shapeways in full colour sandstone are the pixelart characters that were created for the retail giant GAME by the talented character creation guys; Finger Industries. 

The design for TV, in-store and online was undertaken by myself at TBWA London, with the character development and animation created by Finger Industries.

Superb animations (below) that were created for the TV scripts by Marcus Illes and Jason Fletcher, Creative Directors on the 'Epic Season of Gaming' campaign.




3D printed diver surfaces

Hot off of the 3D printer is my Scuba dude. Created in Qubicle and printed in full colour sandstone at Shapeways as with the Ninja fella that I previously posted about.

The Ninja fella now has company, although their identities aren't known to one another.

It's teleportation!

From 2D to 3D.

From one location to another.

Frrom virtual to physical.

Love It!

Photos of my hound into a 3D model then 3D printed.

I've been experiementing with some more 3D printing and came across an app from Autodesk called 123D Catch. The app enables you to capture an object or scene using up to 40 photographs that are then processed via Autodesk's servers which then generates a 3D model of the captured subject. In this case my dog Sid. 

Included below is a turntable of a cleaned up 3D model that was generated using the app and also a photograph of the 3D printed full colour sandstone model from Shapeways.

I think that the resulting 3D model from the app is off a reasonable quality. Sid was captured was using an iPhone 4S, given that the app generates a model based on images uploaded, the better the quality of capture the better the 3D model and mapped texture, The resulting 3D Print from Shapeways is a little soft and the colours a little flat, but I'm impressed overall. 

Looking forward to trying out future projects using a better quality camera. (That's the new iphone 5s justified.)





Scuba do – Voxel to 3D print

Here's a preview of my Scuba Diver character that I created in Qubicle and am having 3D printed in full colour sandstone at Shapeways.

I'll post pictures of the final product when I receive him.



8-Bit Pixel to 3D Print

Very excited to have just received my 3D print back from Shapeways. It's of an 8-Bit style character that I created as development work for a project that I've been working on for TBWA London and inconjunction with the brilliant Finger Industries for the retailer GAME.

The Ninja character was created in Qubicle and exported to Cinema 4d for uploading to Shapeways. Printed in full colour sandstone, the figure stands 100mm tall and cost £17. It has a great weight to it.

I have another character of a Scuba Diver in production, looking forward to his arrival.
I'll post it when it surfaces.


Good Karma

Compendium at Karmarama

My 'Yonder' screenprint is available to bid for in the charity auction of contemporary art on Thursday September 20th 7pm at Karmarama 20 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3HE

Raising funds for two organisations: Age UK; and The Small Business Consultancy who help maximise employment opportunities for the disadvantaged. Exclusive works by Al Murphy, Mike Perry, Pete Fowler and many more.

The event is open for K group friends only. Please register your interest here

Friends of friends are obviously welcome

"The Great Outdoors"

This was my postcard about to start it's journey to Post View, an exhibition of posted artwork at the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable. This is the second exhibition of postcard art following on from last year's successful Post Nude exhibition. I was unable to make it to the private view but I'm hoping to get to see some of the 400 postcards exhibited over the Jubilee weekend.



4 Colour screen print available to purchase through the Print Club London shop.

Type: 4 colour screen print
Size: 500mm x 700mm
Edition Size: 45
For Sale: 28
Signed: Yes
Stamped: Yes
Price: £45

Leave behind for Pett Dane Woodyard

Leave behind flyer

Logo detailIllustration detail


Design and illustration of an A6 leave behind for the customers' of Kent based woodyard; Pett Dane. These were digitally printed onto 350gsm 100% recycled board.


A3's of the A1's



Due to interest in my submission to the A1 Open at Whitstable's Horsebridge Gallery, I have had an edition of 12 of each image printed as Giclée's onto Photorag 308gsm paper. These are available to purchase from the Whitstable Framing Gallery or directly at

Type: Giclée prints to Photorag 308gsm paper
Size: 42x29cm
Edition: 12
Status: 9 available. Signed and stamped
£45 each, unframed