Photos of my hound into a 3D model then 3D printed.

I've been experiementing with some more 3D printing and came across an app from Autodesk called 123D Catch. The app enables you to capture an object or scene using up to 40 photographs that are then processed via Autodesk's servers which then generates a 3D model of the captured subject. In this case my dog Sid. 

Included below is a turntable of a cleaned up 3D model that was generated using the app and also a photograph of the 3D printed full colour sandstone model from Shapeways.

I think that the resulting 3D model from the app is off a reasonable quality. Sid was captured was using an iPhone 4S, given that the app generates a model based on images uploaded, the better the quality of capture the better the 3D model and mapped texture, The resulting 3D Print from Shapeways is a little soft and the colours a little flat, but I'm impressed overall. 

Looking forward to trying out future projects using a better quality camera. (That's the new iphone 5s justified.)